Research Series 624
Wayne E. Sabbe Arkansas Soil Fertility Studies 2014
Nathan A. Slaton, editor

Full volume

Cover and front matter

Soil-Test and Fertilizer Sales Data: Summary for the 2013 Growing Season
R.E. DeLong, S.D. Carroll, N.A. Slaton, M. Mozaffari, and C. Herron
Pages 7-27

Pine Woodchip Biochar Impact on Corn Yield in a Silt Loam Soil
K.E. Brantley, M.C. Savin, K.R. Brye, and D.E. Longer
Pages 28-31

Field-Grown Cotton Yield Response of Nitamin® in Comparison to Foliar Urea and Soil-Applied Nitrogen
J. Burke, D.M. Oosterhuis, and T. Raper
Pages 32-33

Effect of Delaying the Sidedress-Nitrogen Fertilization on Corn Yields
L. Espinoza, M. Ismanov, and P. Ballantyne
Pages 34-36

Validation of Soil-Test-Based Fertilizer Recommendations for Irrigated Soybean
M. Fryer, N.A. Slaton, T.L. Roberts, R.E. DeLong, R. Dempsey, R. Parvej, J. Hedge, and S. Hayes
Pages 37-40

Urea and an Enhanced Efficiency Nitrogen Fertilizer Increase Cotton and Corn Yields in Arkansas
M. Mozaffari, N.A. Slaton, J. Hedge, and R. Benson
Pages 41-44

Corn Response to Soil-Applied Phosphorus and Potassium at Multiple Locations in Arkansas
M. Mozaffari, N.A. Slaton, J. Hedge, S. Hayes, R. Baker, M. Crow, A. Davis, and M. Hamilton
Pages 45-49

Potassium Uptake and Partitioning in Determinate and Indeterminate Soybean Genotypes Differing in Maturity Group
M.R. Parvej, N.A. Slaton, T.L. Roberts, R.E. DeLong, R.J. Dempsey, and M.S. Fryer
Pages 50-55

Potassium Deficiency Effects on Nodal Seed Yield and Potassium Concentration of Determinate and Indeterminate Soybean
M.R. Parvej, N.A. Slaton, T.L. Roberts, and R.E. DeLong
Pages 56-59

Predicting Nitrogen Rates for Wheat on Poorly Drained Silt Loam Soils
T.L. Roberts, N.A. Slaton, C.E. Greub, J. Shafer, S.M. Williamson, C.L. Scott, and A.M. Fulford
Pages 60-62

Soybean Yield as Affected by Chloride Rate and Cultivar Chloride Includer/Excluder Rating
N.A. Slaton, R.E. DeLong, T.L. Roberts, J. Ross, M.S. Fryer, M.R. Parvej, R.J. Dempsey, J. Hedge, and S. Hayes
Pages 63-68