Research Series 620
Arkansas Animal Science Department Report 2014
David L. Kreider, editor; Paul Beck, assistant editor

Full volume

Cover and front matter

Beef Production and Management

Performance and behavioral measurements by fall-born heifer calves traditionally weaned with or without companion goats: one year summary
E.B. Backes, J.G. Powell, J.D. Caldwell, E.B. Kegley, A.W. Ryan, J.A. Hornsby, J.L. Reynolds, M.L. Thomas, K.S. Anschutz, and B.C. Shanks
Pages 11-13

Performance of Holstein steers offered hay and supplement with or without added methionine
A. L. Bax, J. D. Caldwell, L. S. Wilbers, B. C. Shanks, T. Hampton, S. E. Bettis, Y. Liang, G. I. Zanton, and K. P. Coffey
Pages 14-15

Evaluation of hair coat shedding and subsequent productivity in beef cattle
A.H. Brown Jr., J.G. Powell, B.R. Kutz, E.B. Backes, K.S. Anschutz, B.R. Lindsey, and C.F. Rosenkrans, Jr.
Pages 16-17

Serial use of Estrotect™ estrous detection patches as a reproductive management tool
A.J. Davis, R.W. Rorie, J.G. Powell, T.D. Lester, and B.R. Lindsey
Pages 18-20

Forage utilization and beef cow weight, body condition, and body temperature response to a continuous or strip-graze forage allocation with or without chlortetracycline added to the free choice mineral supplement
M.S. Gadberry, D.S. Hubbell III, J.D. Tucker, T. Hess, P.A. Beck, J.Jennings, J.G. Powell, and E.B. Backes
Pages 21-25

Effects of excess dietary sulfur on beef carcass characteristics and quality after aging
J. Hawley, E.B. Kegley, J.W.S. Yancey, J.K. Apple, T.M. Johnson, and A.W. Ryan
Pages 26-30

Genotype and forage type effects on steer gain, and carcass traits
S. Mattke, S. Reiter, M. Looper, C. Krehbiel, D. VanOverbeke, and C. Rosenkrans, Jr.
Pages 31-33

Supplemental trace minerals (Zn, Cu, and Mn) as sulfates, organic amino acid complexes, or hydroxyl trace mineral sources for shipping-stressed calves
A.W. Ryan, E.B. Kegley, J. Hawley, J.A. Hornsby, J.L. Reynolds, and S.B. Laudert
Pages 34-38

Ruminal forage digestibility following a period of limit-feeding co-product feedstuffs
W.B. Smith, K.P. Coffey, R.T. Rhein, E.B. Kegley, D. Philipp, J.D. Caldwell and A.N. Young
Pages 39-41

Effects of injectable trace mineral supplementation on reproductive rates in Bos indicus cattle
W.A. Whitworth, T.G. Montgomery, A.J. Hood and M.S. Gadberry
Pages 42-43

Forages and Forage Management

Palatability of teff grass by horses
R. Cummins, K. Coffey, N. Jack, K. Jogan, R. Rhein, D. Philipp,
M. Adams, W. Smith, K. Clayton, and A. Young
Pages 44-49

Forage Brassica Variety Trial in Northwest Arkansas
K. Simon, S. Jones, J. Jennings, R. Rhein, and D. Philipp
Pages 50-52

Extension Demonstrations

Receiving Cattle Demonstrations: use of metaphylaxis in received stocker calves
P. Beck and M. Beck
Pages 53-55

Demonstration results: forage yield and nutritive quality of cereal rye or wheat
for pasturing stocker cattle
P. Beck and J. Yates
Pages 56-57

Meats and Food Safety

Carcass manipulation to improve tenderness in goat meat
K.L. Basinger, B.C. Shanks, J.K. Apple, J.D. Caldwell, E.A. Backes, J.J. Hollenbeck, K.R. Ness, J.W.S. Yancey, L.S. Wilbers, and E.L. Farrell
Pages 58-60