Research Series 617
B.R. Wells Arkansas Rice Research Series 2013
R.J. Norman and K.A. K. Moldenhauer, editors

Full volume

Cover and front matter


Trends in Arkansas Rice Production, 2013
J.T. Hardke
Pages 13-23

2013 Rice Research Verification Program
R.S. Mazzanti, L.A Schmidt, J.T. Hardke, and K.B Watkins
Pages 24-51


Development of Aromatic Rice Varieties
D.K. Ahrent, K.A.K. Moldenhauer, C.E. Wilson Jr., X. Sha, J.M. Bulloch, B.A. Beaty, M.M. Blocker, and V.A. Boyett
Pages 52-57

Development of Hybrid Rice Cultivars
G.L. Berger, G. Lee, Z.B. Yan, X. Sha, K.A.K. Moldenhauer, J.T. Hardke, C.E. Wilson Jr., and C.W. Deren
Pages 58-63

Molecular Characterization of Parental Lines and Hybrids In a Hybrid Rice Breeding Program
V.A. Boyett, G.L. Berger, V.L. Booth, V.I. Thompson, S.A. Simpson, and B. Scheffler
Pages 64-73

Lakast, A High Yielding, Very Short Season, Long-Grain Rice Variety
K.A.K. Moldenhauer, X. Sha, G.L. Berger, J.T. Hardke, R.J. Norman, C.E. Wilson Jr., Y. Wamishe, R.D. Cartwright, M.M. Blocker, D. McCarty, D.K. Ahrent, V.A. Boyett, D.L. Frizzell, J.M. Bulloch, E. Castaneda-Gonzalez. C.D. Kelsey, and S. Belmar
Pages 74-80

Breeding And Evaluation For Improved Rice Varieties — The Arkansas Rice Breeding And Development Program
H. Sater, K.A.K. Moldenhauer, X, Sha, G.L. Berger, J.T. Hardke, R.C. Scott, Y. Wamishe, C.E. Wilson Jr., R.J. Norman, D.K. Ahrent, M.M. Blocker, D.L. McCarty, V.A. Boyett, D.L. Frizzell, J.M. Bulloch, C. Kelsey, S. Belmar, and E. Castaneda-Gonzalez
Pages 81-87

Development of Superior Medium-Grain and Long-Grain Rice Varieties for Arkansas and the Mid-South
X. Sha, K.A.K. Moldenhauer, G.L. Berger, B.A. Beaty, J.M. Bulloch, and C.E. Wilson Jr.
Pages 88-95


Rice Breeding and Pathology Technical Support Program
S.B. Belmar, C.D. Kelsey, K.A.K. Moldenhauer, Y. Wamishe, and D.L. McCarty
Pages 96-100

A Preliminary Study of a White Smut Infecting Rice in Arkansas
A.C. Jecmen and D.O. TeBeest
Pages 101-108

Characterizing Virulence Phenotypes Among U.S. Isolates of Magnaporthe oryzae Using International Rice Research Institute Near-Isogenic Lines, U.S. Germplasm, and New Rice for Africa Lines
F. Rotich, C. Feng, Y. Jia, D.E. Groth, and J.C. Correll
Pages 109-115

Colonization of Rice Florets and the Development of Sori on Rice Cultivars Susceptible to Ustilaginoidea virens
D.O. TeBeest and A.C. Jecmen
Pages 116-132

Development of Short-Term Management Options for Rice Bacterial Panicle Blight Disease
Y. Wamishe, T. Gebremariam, C. Kelsey, S. Belmar, and D. McCarty
Pages 133-142

Development of Practical Diagnostic Methods for Monitoring Rice Bacterial Panicle Blight Disease and Evaluation of Rice Germplasm for Resistance
Y. Wamishe, Y. Jia, M. Rasheed, C. Kelsey, S. Belmar, T. Gebremariam, and D. McCarty
Pages 143-150


The Interaction Between Nitrogen Fertilizer Rate and Insecticide Seed Treatment for the Control of Rice Water Weevil
M.E. Everett, G.M. Lorenz III, N.A. Slaton, J.T. Hardke, D.L. Clarkson, and B.C. Thrash
Pages 151-157

The Role of Rice Stink Bug in the Transmission of Bacterial Panicle Blight in Rice
J. Gaspar, C. Minteer, R. Sayler, Y. Wamishe, T. Kring, and S. Raghu
Pages 158-162

Stored-Product Insects Associated with On-Farm Storage in Northeast Arkansas
T. McKay, M. Toko, B. Hale, R. Hampton, and L. Starkus
Pages 163-169

Efficacy of Selected Insecticides for Control of Rice Stink Bug, Oebalus pugnax, in Arkansas, 2013
W.A. Plummer, G.M. Lorenz III, N.M. Taillon, H.M. Chaney, B.C. Thrash, D.L. Clarkson, M.E. Everett, and L.R. Orellana Jimenez
Pages 170-173

A Historical Look at Rice Insecticide Seed Treatments from 2007 to 2013: Where Are We Now?
N.M. Taillon, G.M. Lorenz III, W.A.Plummer, M.E. Everett, H.M. Chaney, B.C. Thrash, D.L. Clarkson, and L.R. Orellana Jimenez
Pages 174-181


Comparison of Growth Characteristics Between Halosulfuron-Methyl-Resistant and Susceptible Yellow Nutsedge Populations
M.V. Bagavathiannan, J.K. Norsworthy, D.S. Riar, Z.T. Hill, B.W. Schrage, C.J. Meyer, H.D. Bell, R.C. Scott, and T.L. Barber
Pages 182-187

Influence of Rate and Application Timing on Rice Tolerance to Pyroxasulfone
M.T. Bararpour, J.K. Norsworthy, D.B. Johnson, R.C. Scott, and T.L. Barber
Pages 188-193

Early-Season Palmer Amaranth Interference in Rice, Potential Yield Losses, and Control Options
J.B. Brennan, J.K. Norsworthy, C.J. Meyer, R.C. Scott, J. Bond, and T.L. Barber
Pages 194-200

Weed Control Demonstration of Five Rates of Benzobicyclon Applied at Two Maintained Flood Depths to Rice Weeds
B.M. Davis, R.C. Scott., C.A. Sandoski, L.T. Barber, and J.K. Norsworthy
Pages 201-205

Response of the Conventional Rice Varieties Roy J and Wells to Low Soil Concentrations of Imazethapyr
J.W. Dickson, R.C. Scott, and B.M. Davis
Pages 206-211

Rice Tolerance to Sharpen®
J.W. Dickson, R.C. Scott, and B.M. Davis
Pages 212-217

Palmer Amaranth (Amaranthus palmeri) Control in Rice
J.R. Meier, L.T. Barber, R.C. Doherty, L.M. Collie, R.C. Scott, and J.K. Norsworthy
Pages 218-221

Control Options for Acetolactate Synthase-Resistant Smallflower Umbrella Sedge in Arkansas Rice
J.K. Norsworthy, D.S. Riar, R.C. Scott, and T.L. Barber
Pages 222-226

Use of CruiserMaxx® Rice Seed Treatment to Improve Tolerance of Conventional Rice to Newpath (Imazethapyr) and Roundup (Glyphosate) at Reduced Rates
R.C. Scott, G.M. Lorenz III, J.T. Hardke, B.M. Davis, and J.W. Dickson
Pages 227-233

Evaluation of Conventional and Hybrid Rice, Seeding Rate, and Herbicide Program on Barnyardgrass Control in Clearfield Rice
P. Tehranchian, J.K. Norsworthy, D.B. Johnson, B.W. Schrage, H.D. Bell, M.T. Bararpour, Z.T. Hill, and R.C. Scott
Pages 234-238


Ammonia Volatilization and Rice Grain Yield as Affected by Simulated Rainfall Amount and Nitrogen Fertilizer Amendment
R.J. Dempsey, N.A. Slaton, T.L. Roberts, R.J. Norman, R.E. DeLong, and C.G. Massey
Pages 239-246

Rice Grain Yield as Affected by Simulated Rainfall Timing and Nitrogen Fertilizer Amendment
R.J., Dempsey, N.A. Slaton, T.L. Roberts, R.J. Norman, R.E. DeLong, and C.G. Massey
Pages 247-252

Development of the Arkansas Degree-Day 50 Thermal Unit Thresholds for
New Rice Cultivars
D.L. Frizzell, J.T. Hardke, E. Castaneda-Gonzalez, R.J. Norman, C.E. Wilson Jr., and K.A.K. Moldenhauer
Pages 253-259

Utilization of On-Farm Testing to Evaluate Rice Cultivars
D.L. Frizzell, J.T. Hardke, E. Castaneda-Gonzalez, Y.A. Wamishe, and R.J. Norman
Pages 260-264

Arkansas Rice Performance Trials
J.T. Hardke, D.L. Frizzell, E. Castaneda-Gonzalez, K.A.K. Moldenhauer, X. Sha, G. Berger, Y. Wamishe, R.J. Norman, M.M. Blocker, J.A. Bulloch, T. Beaty, L. Schmidt, and R. Mazzanti
Pages 265-273

Effects of Insecticide Seed Treatments and Seeding Rates on Performance of Selected Rice Cultivars at Two Planting Dates
J.T. Hardke, G.M. Lorenz III, D.L. Frizzell, and E. Castaneda-Gonzalez
Pages 274-280

Evaluation of Optimum Hybrid Rice Seeding Rates on Silt Loam and Clay Soils
J.T. Hardke, D.L. Frizzell, E. Castaneda-Gonzalez, M. Duren, and R.J. Norman
Pages 281-285

Irrigation Water Requirements for Rice Irrigation Systems in Arkansas
C.G. Henry, E.D. Vories, M.M. Anders, S.L. Hirsh, M.L. Reba, K.B. Watkins, and J.T. Hardke
Pages 286-292

Grain Yield Response of Eight New Rice Cultivars to Nitrogen Fertilization
R.J. Norman, T.L Roberts, J.T. Hardke, N.A. Slaton, K.A.K. Moldenhauer, D.L. Frizzell, M.W. Duren, and E. Castaneda-Gonzalez
Pages 293-302

Response of Two Rice Varieties to Midseason Nitrogen Fertilizer Application Timing
R.J. Norman, J.T. Hardke, T.L. Roberts, N.A. Slaton, D.L. Frizzell, M.W. Duren. and E. Castaneda-Gonzalez
Pages 303-310

Field Validation of the Nitrogen Soil Test for Rice (N-ST*R) for Rice Produced on Clay Soils
T.L. Roberts, R.J. Norman, N.A. Slaton, J.T. Hardke, C.E. Greub, A.M. Fulford, S.M. Williamson, J.B.J. Shafer, D.L. Frizzell, and M.W. Duren
Pages 311-316

Rice Grain Yield As Influenced By Nitrogen Source, Rate, and Application Time
C.W. Rogers, R.J. Norman, K.R. Brye, A.D. Smartt, J.T. Hardke, T.L. Roberts, N.A. Slaton, R. Dempsey, A.M. Fulford, and D.L. Frizzell
Pages 317-323

Validation of Soil-Test-Based Fertilizer Recommendations for Flood-Irrigated Rice
N.A. Slaton, M. Fryer, T.L. Roberts, R.E. DeLong, R. Dempsey, R. Parvej, J. Hedge, and C.G. Massey
Pages 324-331

Rice and Soybean Response to Short- and Long-Term Phosphorus and Potassium Fertilization Rate
N.A. Slaton, T.L. Roberts, R.J. Norman, J. Hardke, R.E. DeLong, J.B. Shafer, C.G. Massey, and S.D. Clark
Pages 332-338

Summary of the Nitrogen Soil Test for Rice (N-ST*R) Nitrogen Recommendations in Arkansas During 2013
S.M. Williamson, T.L. Roberts, C.L. Scott, R.J. Norman, N.A. Slaton, A.M. Fulford, and C.E. Greub
Pages 339-344


Quantifying Chalkiness and Fissured Kernels in Thickness Fractions of Long-Grain Rice
B.C. Grigg and T.J. Siebenmorgen
Pages 345-351

Gene Expression and Physiological Analyses to Study Grain Filling in Oryza sativa Japonica Varieties Cypress and LaGrue Subjected to High Nighttime Temperatures
N.L. Lawson, L.D. Nelson, P.A. Counce, K.A.K. Moldenhauer, T.J. Siebenmorgen, and K.L. Korth
Pages 352-362

Effect of Degree of Milling and Kernel Thickness on Milled Rice Fissuring Rates
S. Mukhopadhyay, T.J. Siebenmorgen and A. Mauromoustakos
Pages 363-369

Milled Rice Fissuring Rates of Pure-Line and Hybrid Cultivar Lots
S. Mukhopadhyay and T.J. Siebenmorgen
Pages 370-382

Exploring Rice Quality Traits of Importance to Export Markets
Y.-J. Wang, J. Patindol, J.-R. Jinn, H.-S. Seo, and T.J. Siebenmorgen
Pages 383-389


Commodity Program Options for Arkansas Farmers Under the Agricultural Act of 2014: Analysis of Arkansas Representative Panel Farms
E.C. Chavez, E.J. Wailes, and K.B. Watkins
Pages 390-413

Trade, Price, and Welfare Impacts of Thailand’s Paddy Pledging Program on Global Rice
E.J. Wailes, E.C. Chavez, and A. Durand-Morat
Pages 414-430

World Rice Outlook: International Rice Baseline Projections, 2013-2023
E.J. Wailes and E.C. Chavez
Pages 431-448

Measuring Input Use Efficiency in Rice Production Using Data from the Rice Research Verification Program
K.B. Watkins, C.G. Henry, R. Mazzanti, L.A. Schmidt, and J.T. Hardke
Pages 449-456

Impacts of Field Characteristic on Irrigation Water Overuse in Rice Production
K.B. Watkins, C.G. Henry, R. Mazzanti, L.A. Schmidt, and J.T. Hardke
Pages 457-462