Research Series 610
Summaries of Arkansas Cotton Research 2012
Derrick M. Oosterhuis, editor

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University of Arkansas Cotton Breeding Program:
2012 Progress Report
F.M. Bourland
Pages 17-19

Development of an Available Soil Moisture Index to Characterize Drought Stress Experienced in Cotton Variety Trials
T.B. Raper, D.M. Oosterhuis, E.M. Barnes, P. Andrade-Sanchez, P.J. Bauer, G.L. Ritchie, D.L. Rowland, and J.L. Snider
Pages 20-25

Varietal and Short-Term Drought Impacts on Soil Compaction in a Memphis Silt Loam
T.B. Raper, D.M. Oosterhuis, R.L. Raper, and D.H. Pote
Pages 26-30

Effect of Water-Deficit Stress on Photosystem II Thermosensitivity in Cotton
C. Pilon, D.M. Oosterhuis, and D.A. Loka
Pages 31-35

Water-Deficit Stress Effects on Polyamine Metabolism of the Cotton Flower and Subtending Leaf Under Field Conditions
D.A. Loka, D.M. Oosterhuis, C. Pilon, and B.L. McMichael
Pages 36-40

A Review of Irrigation Termination Practices in Northeast Arkansas
M.L. Reba, T.G. Teague, and E. Vories
Pages 41-44

Screening for Temperature Tolerance in Cotton
M.M. Pretorius, D.M. Oosterhuis, D.A. Loka and T.R. FitzSimons
Pages 45-50

Acclimatization of Cotton Exposed to High-Temperature Stress
T.R. FitzSimons and D.M. Oosterhuis
Pages 51-55

Molybdenum and Abscisic Acid Effects on Cotton Under High Night Temperature Stress
F.R. Echer, D.M. Oosterhuis, D.A. Loka, and C.A. Rosolem
Pages 56-62

Development of 1-Methylcyclopropene Application Triggers in Cotton Production
D.M. Oosterhuis, T.B. Raper, C. Pilon, and J.M. Burke
Pages 63-65

Evaluation of a Calcium-Containing, Soil-Applied Nitrogen Source to Increase Cotton Yields
T.B. Raper, D.M. Oosterhuis, C. Pilon, and J.M. Burke
Pages 66-70

Yield Response of Cotton to Timing of Potassium Fertilization Under Deficient Soil Test Levels
L. Espinoza, M. Ismanov, and P. Ballantyne
Pages 71-75

Sensitivity Analysis of Two Canopy Nitrogen Stress Indices to Variety and Available Potassium
T.B. Raper, D.M. Oosterhuis, L. Espinoza, C. Pilon, and J.M. Burke
Pages 76-80

Effect of Urea Environmentally Smart Nitrogen on Cotton Yield in a Marvel Silt Loam in Arkansas
M. Mozaffari, T. Teague, M. Daniel, N.A. Slaton, C.G. Herron, and S.D. Carroll
Pages 81-84

The Effect of Source of Biochar on Cotton Seedling Growth and Development
J.M. Burke, D.E. Longer, D.M. Oosterhuis, E.M. Kawakami and D.A. Loka
Pages 85-88

Effect of Poultry Litter Biochar on Early-Season Cotton Growth
T.D. Coomer, D.M. Oosterhuis, D.E. Longer, and D.A. Loka
Pages 89-94

Management Considerations for Reducing the Risk of Barnyardgrass Evolving Resistance to Glyphosate in Midsouth Cotton
M.V. Bagavathiannan, J.K. Norsworthy, K.L. Smith, and P. Neve
Pages 95-101

Factors Contributing to Cotton Injury from Soil-Applied Residual Herbicides
B.W. Schrage, J.K. Norsworthy, K.L. Smith, D.B. Johnson, M.V. Bagavathiannan, and D.S. Riar
Pages 102-106

Activation and Length of Residual Herbicides Under Furrow and Sprinkler Irrigation
D.S. Riar, J.K. Norsworthy, M.T. Bararpour, H.D. Bell, and B.W. Schrage
Pages 107-112

Weed Control Cost Estimates from the 2012 Cotton Budgets: Implications of Glyphosate Resistance
K. Bryant, J. Trauger and R. Hogan
Pages 113-116

Impact of Foliar Herbicide Application on Cotton with Selected Insecticide Seed Treatments
D.L. Clarkson, G.M. Lorenz, L.T. Barber, N.M. Taillon, J.E. Howard, B.C. Thrash, W.A. Plummer, M.E. Everett, and L.R. Orellana Jimenez
Pages 117-120

Full-Season Weed Control Systems in Arkansas Cotton
R.C. Doherty, T. Barber, and J.R. Meier.
Pages 121-125

Rainfastness of Selected Insecticides Used for Control of Tarnished Plant Bug in Arkansas Cotton
N.M. Taillon, G.M. Lorenz III, W.A. Plummer, B.C. Thrash, D.L. Clarkson, M.E. Everett, and L.R. Orellana Jimenez
Pages 126-130

Control of Tarnished Plant Bug, Lygus lineolaris, in Cotton with Transform in Arkansas, 2012
W.A. Plummer, G.M. Lorenz III, N.M. Taillon, B.C. Thrash, D.L. Clarkson, M.E. Everett, and L.R. Orellana Jimenez
Pages 131-136

Control of Tarnished Plant Bug with Tankmix and Premix Insecticides
B.C. Thrash, G.M. Lorenz, N.M. Taillon, W.A. Plummer, D. Clarkson, M. Everett, and L.R. Orellana Jimenez
Pages 137-143

Effects of Early Infestations of Two-Spotted Spider Mites (Tetranychus urticae) on Cotton Growth and Yield
L.R. Orellana Jimenez, G.M. Lorenz III, A.P.G. Dowling, N.M. Taillon, W.A. Plummer, B.C. Thrash, D.L. Clarkson, and M.E. Everett
Pages 144-147

Impact of Foliar Insecticide Application on Dual Gene Cotton
G. Lorenz, G. Studebaker, S. D. Stewart, D. Kerns, A. Catchot,
J. Gore, and D. Cook
Pages 148-152

Variability of Thrips Abundance Across Soil Electrical Conductivity-Based Management Zones in Cotton With and Without Wheat Cover Crop
E.J. Kelly, T.G. Teague, and D.K. Morris
Pages 153-158

Effect of Varietal Selection and Planting Date on Tarnished Plant Bug Levels in Cotton
G.E. Studebaker and F.M. Bourland
Pages 159-161

Cotton Acreage Response to Price Signals Due to Agricultural Policy and Market Conditions
A. Flanders
Pages 162-164

2012 Cotton Research Verification Annual Summary
B.A. McClelland, L.T. Barber, and A. Flanders
Pages 165-167

2012 Cotton On-Farm County Variety Trials Performance Summary
B.A. McClelland and L.T. Barber
Pages 168-173

Appendix I
Student Theses and Dissertations Related to Cotton Research in Progress in 2012
Pages 174-175

Appendix II
Research and Extension 2012 Cotton Publications
Pages 176-186