Arkansas food scientist receives industry award

Jan. 30, 2013
Contact Information:

Dr. Ron Buescher, Professor, Department of Food Science

Fred Miller, University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture communications

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buescher and hescott

Ron Buescher, professor of food science at the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture, receives the Pickle Packers International 2012 Hall of Fame Award from PPI President Mike Hescott of the Freestone Pickle Company, Inc.
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FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. — Pickle Packers International, Inc. (PPI) presented its 2012 Hall of Fame Award to Ron Buescher at the Annual Meeting and Product Showcase held in New Orleans recently. The award honors Buescher for 34 years of pickled vegetable research at the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture, where he is a professor of food science.

Buescher’s research is aimed at improving product quality and market life of pickled vegetables, as well as finding new ways to reduce waste in the pickling process. Working alone or with collaborators, Buescher has compiled a long list of accomplishments since joining the UA in 1973. Highlights include fermentation studies for reducing salt and preventing pickle softening during salt stock storage, the uses of calcium in fermentation, studies to reduce cure appearance in fresh packed pickles, and 31 years of overseeing the Pickle Product Evaluation Program in collaboration with PPI.

The Hall of Fame Award, first presented in 1955, is the highest award regularly bestowed by PPI. It honors individuals who make the most significant contributions to the advancement and protection of the pickle industry by supplying technical service, basic research or inventions of exceptional benefit.

Pickle Packers International is a Washington-based trade association that has represented the pickled vegetable industry since 1893 by sponsoring research, conducting advocacy, producing educational materials, and providing superior networking opportunities important to its members.