Research Series 602
Summaries of Arkansas Cotton Research 2011
Derrick M. Oosterhuis, editor

Full volume


University of Arkansas Cotton Breeding Program – 2011 Progress Report
F.M. Bourland
Pages 17-19

Influence of Soil Hardpan, Thielaviopsis Basicola and Meloidogyne Incognita on Cotton Root Architecture and Plant Growth in a Microplot Study
J. Ma, T.L. Kirkpatrick, and C.S. Rothrock
Pages 20-25

Modeling the Evolution of Glyphosate Resistance in Barnyardgrass in Arkansas Cotton
M.V. Bagavathiannan, J.K. Norsworthy, K.L. Smith, and P. Neve
Pages 26-29

Efficacy and Cotton Tolerance to Warrant Herbicide
D.S. Riar, J.K. Norsworthy, D.B. Johnson, C.E. Starkey, and A. Lewis
Pages 30-35

Layby Timing for Ideal Late-Season Weed Control in Arkansas Cotton
R.C. Doherty, K.L. Smith, J.A. Bullington, and J.R. Meier
Pages 36-39

Seed Production Potential of Palmer Amaranth in Arkansas
K.L. Smith, R.C. Doherty, J.A. Bullington, J.R. Meier, and M.V. Bagavathiannan
Pages 40-43

High Night Temperatures Effects on Cotton During Squaring and Flowering
F.R. Echer, D.M. Oosterhuis, and D.A. Loka
Pages 44-48

Effect of High Night Temperatures at Flowering
D.A. Loka, D.M. Oosterhuis, and F.R. Echer
Pages 49-52

High Temperature Tolerance in Cotton
D.M. Oosterhuis, M.M. Pretorius, D.A. Loka and T.R. FitzSimons
Pages 53-56

Examining Regional Area Effects of High Temperature on the Reproductive Sensitivity for Both Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) and Non-Bt Cotton Cultivars
T.R. FitzSimons and D.M. Oosterhuis
Pages 57-61

Utilization of the Dark Green Color Index to Determine Cotton Nitrogen Status
T.B. Raper, D.M. Oosterhuis, U. Siddons, L.C. Purcell, and M. Mozaffari
Pages 62-66

Effect of Foliar Application of Urea with N-(n-butyl) thiophosphoric triamide (NBPT) on the Yield of Cotton
E.M. Kawakami, D.M. Oosterhuis, and T.R. FitzSimons
Pages 67-69

Effect of Water-Defi cit Stress on Polyamine Metabolism of Cotton Flower and Their Subtending Leaf
D.A. Loka, D.M. Oosterhuis, and C. Pilon
Pages 70-75

Effect of 1-Methylcyclopropene on Lint Yield of Field-Grown Cotton
J.B. Phillips, D.M. Oosterhuis, and E.M. Kawakami
Pages 76-79

Cotton Response to Irrigation Timing and Use of Enhanced Efficiency Nitrogen Fertilizer and Biosolids – Year II
T.G. Teague, C. Rothrock, and C. Shumway
Pages 80-91

Yield Response of Cotton to Timing of Potassium Fertilization Under Deficient Soil Test Levels
L. Espinoza, M. Ismanov, and P. Ballantyne
Pages 92-96

Effect of Urea ESN on Cotton Yield in a Marvel Silt Loam in Arkansas
M. Mozaffari, N.A. Slaton, C.G. Herron, and S.D. Carroll
Pages 97-99

Nitrogen Fertilizer Timing and Tillage — Focusing Management to Build Sustainable Cotton Systems
T.G. Teague, L. Espinoza, C.S. Rothrock, A. Flanders, and L.A. Fowler
Pages 100-111

Control of Tarnished Plant Bug, Lygus Lineolaris, in Cotton with Transform in Arkansas, 2009-2011
W.A. Plummer, G.M. Lorenz III, N.M. Taillon, B.C. Thrash, J.W. Fortner, C.K. Colwell, and W. Kirkpatrick
Pages 112-117

Control of Tarnished Plant Bug with Tank Mixes and Premix Insecticides
B.C. Thrash, G.M. Lorenz III, N.M. Taillon, W.A. Plummer, C.K. Colwell, J.W. Fortner, and R. Goodson
Pages 118-122

Efficacy of Selected Insecticides for Control of Plant Bugs in Arkansas
N.M. Taillon, G.M. Lorenz III, W.A. Plummer, B.C. Thrash, J.W. Fortner, C.K. Colwell, and G. Wilson
Pages 123-128

Effect of Spray Volume on the Efficacy of Insecticides Recommended for Tarnished Plant Bugs
G.E. Studebaker and S. Lancaster
Pages 129-131

Economical Alternatives for Applying Residual Herbicides in an Effort to Control Glyphosate Resistant Palmer Amaranth
K.J. Bryant, K.L. Smith, J.A. Bullington, R.C. Doherty and J.R. Meier
Pages 132-135

Efficacy of Foliar Insecticides for Control of Heliothines in Conventional Cotton in Arkansas
G.M. Lorenz III, N. M. Taillon, W.A. Plummer, B.C. Thrash, J.W. Fortner, C.K. Colwell, and G. Wilson
Pages 136-140

Structural Change in Rotation Response for Arkansas Cotton Acreage
A. Flanders and K.C. Dunn
Pages 141-146

2011 Cotton Research Verifi cation Annual Summary
B.A. McClelland, L.T. Barber, and A. Flanders
Pages 147-149

Appendix I
Student Theses and Dissertations Related to Cotton Research in Progress in 2011
Page 150

Appendix II
Research and Extension 2011 Cotton Publications
Pages 151-159