Faculty Expertise Directory


Faculty Contact Contact Details Area of Specialization
Casandra Cox

205 Agriculture Building
(479) 575-2040

Leadership Development, computers applications and agricultural communications. Expertise and instrumentation: Technology use and computer skills assessments, qualitative research.
 Don W. Edgar

205 Agriculture Building
(479) 575-2037



Teacher Education, Effective Teaching Methods, Curriculum and Instructional Design, and Statistical Analyses. Expertise and instrumentation: Assessment of teaching effectiveness, engine performance and evaluation,, technical educational techniques.

Leslie D. Edgar

205 Agriculture Building
(479) 575-6770


Agricultural Communications, electronic media, curriculum and instructional design. Expertise and instrumentation: Curriculum development and evaluation, electronic media integration, mixed methods research.

Donna Graham 205 Agriculture Building
(479) 575-6346

Extension Education:
Human resource development in community organizations.
Expertise and instrumentation:
Identification of professional development needs, assessment of instructional delivery systems, perceptions of client groups. Change process.

Donald M. Johnson 205 Agriculture Building
(479) 575-2039

Agricultural Systems Technology: Expertise and instrumentation. Engine performance and emissions testing, technical education.

Jefferson Miller 205 Agriculture Building
(479) 575-5650

Agricultural Communications:
Expertise and instrumentation: Communication evaluation, agricultural communication curriculum development, qualitative research and evaluation, agritourism marketing.

Lanny Rice
205 Agriculture Building
(479) 575-6797

Teacher education, agricultural education, agricultural mechanization.

Jill Rucker
205 Agriculture Building
(479) 575-3506

Agricultural Communications: leadership education and development, and rural development. Expertise and instrumentation: Communication and leadership curriculum development and evaluation, qualitative research, and leadership assessments.

Kate Shoulders
205 Agriculture Building
(479) 575-3799

Teacher education, agricultural education, issues-based education, effective teaching methods, effective methods of renewable energy adoption. Expertise and instrumentation: curriculum design and evaluation, program evaluation, survey research.

George Wardlow 205 Agriculture Building
(479) 575-2038

Teacher Education, Teaching Effectiveness, Agricultural Systems Technology. Expertise and instrumentation: Cognition, teaching and learning; assessment of teaching effectiveness, engine and biofuels testing.


Bruce L. Ahrendsen

AGRI 214
(479) 575-6643
Agricultural finance.
Expertise and Instrumentation: Financial institutions and markets, financial management, risk management, asset valuation, econometrics.
Bobby Coats Extension office in Little Rock
Office 307M
(501) 671-2195
Agricultural Policy Analyst
Expertise of Specialization: Agricultural and food policy, rice situation and outlook, economics outlook, row crop price outlook, resource development, farm firm systems analysis.
Bruce L. Dixon AGRI 215
(479) 575-4408
Expertise and Instrumentation: Agricultural finance and economic impacts of climate change.
Archie Flanders Northeast Research and Extension Center
P.O. Box 48
Keiser, AR 72351
870-526-2199 ext. 108
Dr. Flanders applies methods of systems simulation and optimization with a focus on production economics and farm management. His research and extension activities examine issues of concern to Delta row crop agriculture consisting of cotton, soybeans, rice, wheat, and feed grains. Topics include enterprise selection; integration of financial, marketing, and production tactics into risk management strategy; and development of farm management decision aids. Applications include economic analysis of experimental data derived from research conducted by agricultural scientists.
H.L. Goodwin Jr. AGRI 216
(479) 575-2283
Agribusiness, Economic and business issues related to the food and poultry industries.
Expertise and Instrumentation: International trade, food safety linkages, comparative analysis of food and non-food industry segments, poultry litter management and animal waste systems.
Steve A. Halbroook AGRI 217
(479) 575-2258
Agricultural law and marketing.
Andrew McKenzie AGRI 224B
(479) 575-2544
Price risk management and commodity marketing.
Expertise and Instrumentation: Grain merchandising; hedging using futures and options.
Rodolfo M. Nayga Jr. AGRI 217
(479) 575-2299
Food policy economics; nutrition and health economics; food marketing.
Expertise: New food product/attribute valuation; economics of obesity; nutritional labeling; food demand and safety.
Wayne Miller Little Rock, AR
(501) 671-2085
Economic Development
Expertise and Instrumentation: Economic impact analysis, economic development strategies, retiree recruitment, retail trade analysis, state & local tax revenue and expenditures, Arkansas property tax, community surveys.
L. Lanier Nalley AGRI 218A
(479) 575-6818
Research emphasis is on International agricultural policy, the economics of public plant breeding, and international development.
Jennie S. Popp AGRI 218B
(479) 575-2279
Production economics, natural resource economics.
Expertise and Instrumentation: Agricultural sustainability, soil management, economic analysis of environmental regulations on agricultural production.
Michael P. Popp AGRI 227
(479) 575-6838
Farm, agribusiness and risk management.
Expertise and Instrumentation: Crop and livestock production management, risk modeling, applied econometrics, agribusiness analysis.
Daniel V. Rainey AGRI 222
(479) 575-5584
Regional economic development and agricultural policy.
Expertise and Instrumentation: Public finance and economic development
Ron Rainey Extension Office in Little Rock
Office 308J
(501) 671-2175
Extension economist
Expertise of Specialization:
Horticulture economics and business planning. Areas include farmers' markets, sod, greenhouse/nursery, fruit and vegetables, organic and alternative crops (non-traditional - shrimp, goat, wildlife, etc). Additional responsibilities include business and marketing plan development.
C. Robert Stark, Jr. Southeast Research and Extension Center
P.O. Box 3508
Monticello, AR 71656
Farm and Agribusiness Management
Expertise and instrumentation: Production agriculture, commodity programs, marketing, and environment.
Michael R. Thomsen AGRI 226
(479) 575-3932
Food distribution, food industry management .
Expertise and Instrumentation: food safety, food policy, value-added products, cooperatives.
Eric J. Wailes (479) 575-2278
AGRI 224
Food & agricultural marketing and policy.
Expertise & Instrumentation: Farm policy, trade policy, agricultural commodity, price analysis, econometric modeling, economics of rice drying, storage, milling.
K. Bradley Watkins U. of A. Rice Research and Extension Center
(870) 673-2661, ext 225
2900 Hwy 130 E
Stuttgart, AR 72160
Production economics, farm management
Expertise and Instrumentation: Cropping system costs and returns, rice and soybean production management, long-term economic sustainability of new or existing management practices, and economic impacts of adopting new technologies.
Edward Gbur 109 Agriculture Annex
(479) 575-5677
Experimental design, regression, stochastic modeling, spatial statistics, generalized linear mixed models. agricultural applications of statistics
Andy Mauromoustakos 104 Agriculture Annex
(479) 575-5678
Visual data mining, statistical computing, experimental design, generalized linear models, applied multivariate methods, applied geostatistics and data mining.
Jason Apple B107D AFLS
(479) 575-4840
Red meat processing, added value, consumer acceptance and food safety
Expertise and instrumentation: Beef, pork, and lamb quality and yield evaluations. INSTRON 4466 to measure meat tenderness and texture. Hunter MiniScan to measure meat color. Laboratory equipped to conduct microbiological assays, water-holding capacity of muscle/meat, lipid autoxidation, myofibrillar fragmentation index, and sarcomere lengths.
Paul Beck Southwest Research and Extension Center
362 Highway 174 North
Hope, Ark. 71801
(870) 777-9702
Management and nutrition of beef cattle
Expertise and instrumentation: Stocking rate, forage species, soil fertility and tillage systems.
Hayden Brown B106D AFLS
(479) 575-4855
Breeding methods for beef cattle
Expertise and instrumentation: Quantitative inheritance of production and composition traits in livestock.
Ken Coffey B106E AFLS
(479) 575-2112
Ruminant nutrition
Expertise and instrumentation: Forage nutrition, grazing management, applied animal nutrition, beef production management.
Nancy Jack B110B AFLS
(479) 575-4380
Animal nutrition with emphasis on equine
Expertise and instrumentation: Equine behavior and training, merchandising and production.
Beth Kegley B110E AFLS
(479) 575-3050
Nutrition and Immunology with stocker cattle
Expertise and instrumentation: Mineral nutrition, atomic absorption spectroscopy, UV/VIS spectrophotometry, immunology, ELISA, radial immunodiffusion, cell isolation.
David Kreider B103F AFLS
(479) 575-6323
Reproductive and endocrine physiology of domestic animals
Expertise and instrumentation: Radioimmunoassay of progesterone, estradiol, testosterone, corticoids, LH, insulin; hormone receptor assays; tissue culture, reproductive management of beef cattle; gamma counter; liquid scintillation counter; Ciba-Corning 550 Analyzer.
Bryan Kutz B106B AFLS
(479) 575-4337
Livestock judging coach
Expertise and instrumentation: Live animal evaluation of cattle, sheep and swine; Standards for selection of replacement females; Oral communication; Swine reproductive physiology and production.
Michael Looper

(479) 575-3745

Charles Maxwell B106A AFLS
(479) 575-2111
Swine nutrition
Expertise and instrumentation: Nutrition and management of swine. Extensive facilities for live animal research.
Dirk Philipp B107B AFLS
(479) 575-7914
Improved forage utilization and grazing management related to increased profitability and water quality.
Fred Pohlman B103D AFLS
(479) 575-5634
Meat science
Expertise and instrumentation: Meat quality, processing and safety. Hunterlab colorimeter, Instron Universal Testing Machine, Muscle foods formulation and manufacture.
Jeremy Powell B110C AFLS
(479) 575-5136
Diseases of animals
Expertise and instrumentation: D.V.M. with emphasis on animal diseases, companion animal industry and management
Rick Rorie B103G AFLS
(479) 575-6398
Reproductive physiology
Expertise and instrumentation: Surgical and non-surgical embryo collection and transfer, embryo micromanipulation and cryopreservation, in vitro oocyte maturation and fertilization, embryo and tissue culture, ultrasonography; embryo freezing unit, cell fusion equipment
Charles Rosenkrans, Jr. B107E AFLS
(479) 575-4376
Growth and Development Physiology
Expertise and instrumentation: PCR, protein and DNA, electrophoresis, chromatography, embryo culture, oocyte manipulation and development, radioimmunoassay, cell isolation and culture
Whitney A. Whitworth
Southeast Research and Extension Center
P.O. Box 3508
Monticello, AR 71656
Beef Cattle Production and Management
Expertise and instrumentation: Focus on breeding and calving.  Also expertise in sheep and goat production and management. 
Tom Yazwinski B110D AFLS
(479) 575-4398
Internal parasites in domestic animals
Expertise and instrumentation: Laboratory characterization of farm animal parasitisms
Julie Carrier 232 John White Jr. Engineering Hall
(479) 575-4993
Processing of biological materials. Biomass saccharification, inhibitory product characterization, compound fractionation and purification and biorefinery co-products development.
Tom Costello 224A John White Jr. Engineering Hall
(479) 575-2847
Ecological, Agricultural Engineering. Bio-energy, alternate energy, energy conservation. Development and evaluation of economical BMP’s for improved water quality, air quality and sustainability of agricultural production.
Brian E. Haggard 201B John White Jr. Engineering Hall
(479) 575-2879
Ecological Engineering, Environmental Soil and Water Sciences. Expertise and Instrumentation: Water quality chemistry, algal nutrient limitation, pollutant transport in aquatic systems, water quality monitoring and modeling
Chris Henry

Bio and Agricultural Engineering-Extension Rice Research and Extension Center Highway 130 East
Stuttgart AR 72160

Irrigation water management and water quality for cropping systems, irrigation water use, pumping plant monitoring, energetics of irrigation systems, irrigation system design and efficiency, irrigation scheduling and sensors, and water quality impacts.

Jin-Woo Kim 232 John White Jr. Engineering Hall
(479) 575-3402
Biotechnological Engineering-Biomedical Engineering Expertise: Biocatalysts technology, environmental biotechnology, nucleic acid technology, and nano-biotechnology.
Yanbin Li 230 John White Jr. Engineering Hall
(479) 575-2881

Area of Specialization: Biosensing Engineering, Food Safety Engineering,
Expertise: Biosensor technologies, biological detection, microbial predictive modeling, quantitative risk assessment, and antimicrobial technologies.

Yi Liang

211 John White Jr. Engineering Hall
(479) 575-4862

Area of Specialization: Measurement and mitigation of aerial emissions from poultry housing, environmental control and air quality, energy assessment of livestock facility

Otto Loewer Jr.

226 John White Jr. Engineering Hall
(479) 575-5118

Marty Matlock 233 John White Jr. Engineering Hall
(479) 575-2849

Area of Specialization: Metrics for sustainable design and management of complex systems. Ecosystem design for multiple ecosystem services. Environmental and ecological risk assessment.

Scott Osborn

216 John White Jr. Engineering Hall
(479) 575-2877

Area of Specialization: Engineering Design; water and wastewater treatment equipment; water oxygenation, ozonation, and carbonation; sediment oxygen demand; grain drying and aeration; food processing; heat and mass transfer.

Samy Sadaka

Bio and Agricultural Engineering-Extension
2301 S University Ave
Rm 305J
Little Rock AR 72204-4940
(501) 303-0522


Area of Specialization: Bioenergy and energy conservation.
Expertise: Gasification, pyrolysis, biodrying, energy conservation


Dharmendra Saraswat

Bio and Agricultural Engineering-Extension
2301 S University Ave
Rm 305I
Little Rock AR 72204-4940
(501) 671-2191


Area of Specialization: Ecological Engineering
Expertise: Watershed modeling, Geospatial Analysis, Mobile; Web; and Cloud based system design and development, Precision Agriculture for nursery plants and row crops, and Bio-Energy.

Karl VanDevender


Bio and Agricultural Engineering-Extension
2301 S University Ave
Rm 305K
Little Rock AR 72204-4940
(501) 671-2244


Area of Specialization: Livestock and Manure Management
Expertise: Production and environmental management of dry and liquid manures from collection through land application, Grain storage and drying.

Jun Zhu

215 John White Jr. Engineering Hall
(479) 575-2883


Area of Specialization: Renewable Energy and Environmental Engineering
Expertise: Bioenergy and chemicals production from agricultural production wastes including animal manure; bioreactors; physical, chemical, and biological treatments of animal manure for odor control and nutrients management.

Merle Anders Rice Research & Extension Center
2900 Highway 130E, Stuttgart, AR 72160
(870) 673-2661
Rice production, cropping systems
Expertise and instrumentation: Tillage systems, fertility
Robert Bacon Plant Science Bldg 115
(479) 575-2347
Plant Breeding
Fred Bourland Northeast Research & Extension Center
P.O. Box 48, Keiser, AR 72351
(870) 526-2199
Cotton breeding
Expertise and instrumentation: Processing and quality evaluation of cotton seed
Kristofor R. Brye 123 Agriculture Building
(479) 575-5742
Soil Physics
Expertise and instrumentation: Effects of land application of poultry litter on in-situ nutrient leaching and the effects of land use and management practices on soil physical, chemical, and biological properties related to soil quality and sustainability.
Nilda R. Burgos Altheimer Laboratory 222
(479) 575-3984
Weed physiology
Expertise and instrumentation: Herbicide action, plant resistance to herbicides, 14C isotope, liquid scintillation spectroscopy, DNA fingerprinting
Pengyin Chen 105 Plant Science Building
(479) 575-7564
Plant Breeding/Genetics
Expertise and instrumentation: Develop conventional, Roundup Ready, and specialty soybean varieties adapted to various production systems and environments in Arkansas. Develop and implement a practical and feasible marker-assisted breeding program that accelerates and enhances soybean variety/germplasm development.
Paul Counce Rice Research & Extension Center
2900 Highway 130E, Stuttgart, AR 72160
(870) 673-2661
Rice Physiology
Expertise and instrumentation: Whole plant physiology, protein extraction, enzyme assays, electrophoresis including isoelectric focusing
Christopher W. Deren Rice Research and Extension Center
2900 Highway 130E, Stuttgart, AR 72160
(870) 673-2661
Plant breeding and genetics
Don Dombek Arkansas Crop Variety Improv. Program
313 Cassatt Road, Fayetteville AR, 72704
(479) 575-6884
Variety testing
Expertise and instrumentation: Variety protection and commercialization
Paul B. Francis
Southeast Research and Extension Center
P.O. Box 3508
Monticello, AR 71656
Soil and Water Management Expertise and instrumentation: Irrigation scheduling, forage nutrient management, tomato production, petiole nitrate-N monitoring, soil physical properties. 
Brian E. Haggard 201 Engineering Hall
(479) 575-2879

Ecological engineering, environmental soil and water sciences Expertise and Instrumentation: Water quality chemistry, algal nutrient limitation, pollutant transport in aquatic systems, water quality monitoring and modeling

David E. Longer Plant Sciences Building 106
(479) 575-5731
Agronomy; production and management (turfgrass and other species)
Expertise and instrumentation: Plant, soil, water interactions; electrical conductivity seed test analyzer, standard germination and vigor test protocols.

R. Esten Mason


Plant Sciences Building 107
(479) 575-5725


Wheat breeding and genetics

David M. Miller Agriculture Bldg. 106
(479) 575-5747
Soil chemistry
Expertise and instrumentation: Surface chemistry, reclamation of soils with poultry litter and phosphorus chemistry.
Karen A.K. Moldenhauer Rice Research & Extension Center
2900 Highway 130E, Stuttgart, AR 72160
(479) 673-2661
Rice breeding and genetics
Expertise and instrumentation: Rice small plot field experimentation, crossing, tissue culture, genetic studies, germplasm.
Morteza Mozaffari Soil Testing and Research Laboratory
P.O. Drawer 767
Marianna, AR 72360
(870) 295-2851
Soil Science & Environmental Quality
Expertise and instrumentation: Improving soil testing and fertilizer recommendations as related to environmentally important elements. Utilization of manure, sludge and industrial waste and by products as sources and soil amendments and their effect on surface and groundwater quality.
Rick Norman Agriculture Building 105
(479) 575-5738
Soil fertility, plant nutrition, nitrogen chemistry
Expertise and instrumentation: Rice nutrition and cultivation, use of radioactive and stable isotopes as tracers in soil and plant studies and nitrogen chemistry; liquid scintillation counter, distillation unit and digestion block, UV visible spectrophotometer
Jason K. Norsworthy Altheimer Laboratory 208
(479) 575-8740

Expertise and Instrumentation: Expertise and interest in the areas of weed biology and ecology, herbicide resistance and sustainable weed management in crops with specific focus on a) monitoring and predicting the rate of expansion of herbicide-resistant weeds through short- and long-distance pollen and seed dispersal, b) understanding the population dynamics of weeds in current and future agricultural systems, c) developing a thorough knowledge of the biology of weeds of increasing importance in rice and cotton, d) evaluating the short- and long-term impact of production practices on weed species shifts and profitability, and e) using glucosinolate-producing plants and other cover crops for weed suppression in organic and conventional production systems.

Derrick M. Oosterhuis Altheimer Laboratory 216
(479) 575-3979
Crop physiology
Expertise and instrumentation: Photosynthesis, carbon and nitrogen assimilation, growth regulation and plant-water relations of cotton and other crops, responses to environmental stress.

Andy Pereira


Plant Sciences Building 112
(479) 575-8435


Plant molecular genetics

Larry C. Purcell Altheimer Laboratory 223
(479) 575-3983
Crop physiology
Expertise and instrumentation: Abiotic stress physiology in soybean, symbiotic nitrogen fixation, and nodule oxygen permeability control and regulation

Trenton Roberts


Altheimer Laboratory 224
(479) 575-6752


Soil fertility/testing

Mary Savin Agriculture Building 105-B
(479) 575-5740
Biological Sciences
Expertise and instrumentation: Combines traditional and innovative molecular techniques to study the structure and function of microbial communities in natural and managed ecosystems to understand the roles of microorganisms in nutrient cycling, ecological interactions, and contaminant degradation.
Bob Scott Cooperative Extension Service
2301 S. University
Little Rock, AR 72203
Weed Science
Expertise and instrumentation: Weed management systems for cotton, soybean, wheat, and rice.
J. Thad Scott 104 Agriculture Building
(479) 575-6337
Factors affecting water quality and fate of transport of contaminants to and within water bodies.
Andrew N. Sharpley 111 Plant Sciences Building
(479) 575-5721

Assessing, managing and remediating the impacts of agricultural management on soil and water resources. In doing this I investigate the cycling of phosphorus in soil-plant-water systems in relation to soil productivity and water quality and include the management of animal manures, fertilizers and crop residues. Develop decision making tools and strategies for agricultural field staff to identify sensitive areas of the landscape and to target management alternatives and remedial measures that have reduced the risk of nutrient loss from farms. Expertise and Instrumentation: Soil science, water quality, soil phosphorus chemistry, agricultural management. Soil extraction methodology, rainfall simulation, fluvarium, stream flumes, runoff sensors.

Dr. Nathan Slaton Altheimer Laboratory 306
(479) 575-3910
Soil fertility and rice crop management/production
Expertise and instrumentation: Diagnosis of rice nutrition and production related problems
Vibha Srivastava 109 Plant Science Building
(479) 575-4872
Life Sciences
Expertise and instrumentation: Develops molecular tools for gene transfer in crop plants and develops gene tagging systems for rice.
Charles E. Wilson, Jr. Rice Research & Extension Center
2900 Hwy 130 East
Stuttgart, AR 72160
(870) 673-2661
Soil Fertility
Expertise and instrumentation: Research on salinity problems and plant nutrition of rice.
Jeff Barnes 314 Agriculture Building
(479) 575-4795
Taxonomy of insects and other arthropods
Expertise and instrumentation: Identification, classification, and biology of insects, spiders and other arthropods; curation of museum collections.
Ashley P.G. Dowling 312 Agriculture Building
(479) 575-2482
Acarology, molecular systematic of mites and insects. Historical Ecology: coevolution, biogeography and host-association. Population genetics (phylogeography) of recently invading pest mites.
Fiona Goggin 330 Agriculture Building
(479) 575-6751
Host plant resistance to insects and nematodes
Expertise and instrumentation: aphid biology, bioassay design, nucleic acid purification and gene expression analysis. Liquid scintillation counter, UV visible spectromenter, thermal cyclers, capillary electrophoresis unit.
John Hopkins 2301 S. University Ave.
Little Rock, AR 72203,
Extension Urban Entomology
Expertise and instrumentation: IPM, Household & structural pests,
ornamental & Turf pests, Fire Ant Management.
Donn T. Johnson 311 Agriculture Building
(479) 575-2501
Fruit and rice pest management, alternative control tactics, organic fruit production systems and development of pest sampling programs
Expertise and instrumentation: Conduct behavior and chemical ecology studies using commercial video camera and VHS recorder, Gas Chromatograph, electroantennodetector and accompying software.
Tim Kring 3 Cralley-Warren Research Laboratory
(479) 575-3186
Biological control, small grains
Expertise and instrumentation: Impact of beneficial insects, threshold development, pest management, insect biology and rearing
Kelly Loftin 6 Cralley-Warren Research laboratory
(479) 575-3462
Veterinary entomology, imported fire
Expertise and Instrumentation: Livestock and poultry pest
management, insecticide efficacy studies, imported fire ant management.
Gus Lorenz Lonoke Research and Extension Center
(501) 676-3124
Highway 70 East
Lonoke, AR 72086
Row Crop Entomology
Expertise and Instrumentation: Cotton, rice, soybean, and wheat insect control, integrated pest management, insect biology, development of sampling programs, development of treatment thresholds, insecticide efficacy studies, etc.
Paul J. McLeod 299 Agri Farm
(479) 575-3397
Development of IPM programs for insects of vegetables
Expertise and instrumentation: Development of laboratory bioassays with insects, macrophotography of insects, design of field efficacy studies
Don Steinkraus 5 Cralley-Warren Research Laboratory
(479) 575-3187
Biological control with microbial pathogens
Expertise and instrumentation: Epizootiology, IPM and biological control with insect pathogens, apiculture, scientific photography, insect anatomy.
Fred Stephen 315E Agriculture Building
(479) 575-3404 office
(479) 575-3377 lab
Forest entomology, insect ecology
Expertise and instrumentation: Ecology and biological control of forest insects .
Glenn Studebaker POB 48
Keiser, AR 72351
870-526-2199, ext. 114
Row crop entomologyExpertise and instrumentation: Row crop/small grain insect control,
integrated pest management, development of sampling programs,
development of treatment thresholds, insecticide efficacy.
Allen Szalanski 301 Agriculture Building
(479) 575-4214 lab
(479) 575-4342 office
Insect genetics, Molecular Diagnostics,
Expertise and instrumentation: Population Genetics, Molecular Diagnostics, Molecular Phylogenetics, Urban Entomology.
Tina Teague Arkansas State University College of Agriculture
212 Agricultural Research
University of Arkansas Agricultural Experiment Station
State University, AR 72467
Integrated pest management tactics for insect pest of Mid-South cotton.
Robert N. Wiedenmann 319 Agriculture Building
(479) 575-2451
Biological control, invasive species
Expertise and instrumentation: beneficial insects

Dr. Jon Zawislak

Extension Entomologist - Apiculturist
Little Rock, AR

Jamie Baum
N-216 Food Science
(479) 575-4474
Nutrition research: Research focus is on the role of dietary protein on body composition, energy metabolism and metabolic health throughout the lifecycle.
Philip G. Crandall N-213 Food Science
(479) 575-7686
Food processing
Expertise and instrumentation: Food safety, food irradiation, thermal and non-thermal processing, risk assessment, and recovery of food by-products.
Kristen Gibson

N-220 Food Science
(479) 575-6844


Food safety research: Research focus is on the fate and transport of pathogens within our food systems with a focus on human noroviruses and fresh produce as well as retail food safety.

Navam S. Hettiarachchy N-218 Food Science
(479) 575-4779
Protein chemistry, functional foods, antioxidants, and food safety
Expertise and instrumentation: Protein isolation, characterization, base sequencing, structure-function relationships, functionality, physico-chemical properties during processing and storage, nutritional aspects, allergens, extrusion, neutraceuticals, enzymology, antioxidants, value-added food products, electrophoresis, chromatography including column and HPLC, UF, extruder, edible films and adhesives.
Luke Howard N-206 Food Science
(479) 575-2978
Fruit and vegetable processing and quality evaluation, functional foods/phytonutrients
Expertise and instrumentation: Pressurized solvent and supercritical fluid extraction of bioactive phytonutrients. HPLC and HPLC-MS analysis of phytonutrients in horticultural and agronomic crops, physicochemical analysis of processed fruits and vegetables, thermal processing, and antioxidant capacity.
Sun-Ok Lee N-211 Food Science
(479) 575-6921

Human nutrition. Her expertise is identification, characterization, and understanding the mechanism for chronic-disease prevention by novel dietary constituents and bioavailability of bioactive components in natural products or foods with relevance to health.

Jean-Francois Meullenet N-202 Food Science
(479) 575-6919
Sensory science and rheology
Expertise and instrumentation: Sensory science and food rheology and texture
Physical properties, rheology, NIR spectroscopy, sensory and consumer testing, sensometrics and multivariate statistics.
Ruben O. Morawicki E-13 Food Science
(479) 575 4923
Food Processing and Packaging
Expertise and Research Interest: Utilization of byproducts and co-products from the food industry, minimization of environmental impact of food processing plants, and green food processing.
Andrew Proctor N-204 Food Science
(479) 575-2980
Lipid and surface chemistry
Expertise and instrumentation: Lipid chemistry on food surfaces, emulsions and biological lipid systems including lipase activity, oxidation and flavor chemistry using Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy, GC/MS and HPLC, rapid lipid analysis methods; development of novel materials from agricultural waste for food processing and non-food uses.
Steven C. Ricke E-27 Food Science
(479) 575-4678
Anaerobic and Fermentation Microbiology; Genetics and Physiology of Foodborne Pathogens
Expertise and instrumentation: Molecular ecology of anaerobic bacteria in food production environments; Genetics and physiology of foodborne pathogens under stress and survival conditions; Industrial microbiology and fermentation.
Steve Seideman

N-205 Food Science
(479) 575-4221


Food processing and technology: Extension work in all processed foods to include 1) entrepreneur guidance and assistance; 2) food safety and biosecurity for farmers and food processors; and 3) educational workshops in food labeling, food protection and commercial canning.

Han-Seok Seo

N-215 Food Science
(479) 575-4778


Sensory and consumer sciences: Chemosensory perception and multisensory integration, food neuropsychology, food choice and eating behavior.

Terry J. Siebenmorgen N-217 Food Science
(479) 575-2841
Food process engineering
Expertise and instrumentation: Pre-harvest property characterization and quality assessment of rice at harvest; rice drying with emphasis on maintaining milling quality; assessment of techniques to measure degree of milling.
Ya-Jane Wang


N-214 Food Science
(479) 575-3871
Carbohydrate chemistry
Expertise and instrumentation: Characterization of structures and properties of starch and starch derivatives, modification of carbohydrates via chemical, physical and enzymatic approaches, dynamic properties of biopolymers, applications of carbohydrates in processed foods and controlled release applications, prebiotics, HPLC, DSC, extruder, polarized light microscope coupled with hot stage and image analysis, dissolution tester.
Craig R. Andersen 313 Plant Science
(479) 575-2639
Vegetables extension specialist.
Expertise and instrumentation: Extension specialist, vegetable physiology and culture, greenhouse vegetable production, plasticulture and drip irrigation of vegetable crops, marketing of vegetable crops.
Janet Carson 2301 S. University, Little Rock, Ark. 72203
(501) 671-2174
Extension specialist, consumer horticulture; landscape horticulture; Master Gardener program.
Expertise and instrumentation: Landscape horticulture.
John R. Clark 307 Plant Science
(479) 575-2810
Plant breeding, emphasizing fruit crops
Expertise and instrumentation: classical plant breeding including hybridization, seedling evaluation and selection testing; trait inheritance studies; germplasm evaluation; small fruit culture.
Michael R. Evans 318 Plant Science
(479) 575-3179
Greenhouse and Floriculture
Expertise and instrumentation: Soils and soil-borne diseases, soil physical properties.
M. Elena Garcia 310 Plant Science
(479) 575-2790
Extension specialist, fruit and nut production.
Expertise and instrumentation: Crop management, germplasm evaluation.
David L. Hensley 316 Plant Science
(479) 575-7319
landscape horticulture
Expertise and instrumentation: plant nutrition, landscape management, woody plant materials
Douglas Karcher 308 Plant Science
(479) 575-5723
Soil management of turfgrasses.
Expertise and instrumentation: evaluation of soil physical properties (moisture, porosity, bulk density, hydraulic conductivity, infiltration) and statistical analysis of subjective rating data.
Garry McDonald 315 Plant Science
(479) 575-8780
Landscape Horticulture
Expertise and instrumentation: urban horticulture, sustainable systems, practical landscape design, landscape management, native landscape plant materials, low-input landscapes.
Michael D. Richardson 309 Plant Science
(479) 575-2860
Turfgrass Management and Physiology
Expertise and instrumentation: Water potential, greenhouse experimentation, and photosynthesis.
James Robbins 2301 S. University Avenue
Little Rock, AR
(479) 671-2307
Extension specialist, commercial ornamental horticulture
Expertise and instrumentation: Plant nutrition, nursery/greenhouse production, woody plant material
Curt R. Rom 306 Plant Science
(479) 575-7434
Crop physiology, organic and ecological production, crop management, germplasm evaluation - fruit crops; plant propagation; undergraduate education and teaching
Ainong Shi
321 Plant Science
(479) 575-2670
Vegetable breeding and molecular biology.
Laurie Apple HOEC 2116
(479) 575-4576
Apparel Merchandising and Product Development
Expertise and Instrumentation Computer and design methodology for product development.
Mechelle Bailey
HOEC 126
(479) 575-6726
Human Nutrition and Hospitality Innovation
Expertise and instrumentation: Nutrition education and counseling and child nutrition.

Lance M. Cheramie

HOEC 215
(479) 575-6732

Apparel Merchandising and Product Development
Expertise and Instrumentation.
Fashion merchandising. Visual merchandising.
Eunjoo Cho

HOEC 118
(479) 575-4305


Apparel Merchandising and Product Development

Consumer-brand relationships tapping to cognitive, sensory, and emotional associations; Scale development and its validation; Sustainability related consumer consumption patterns

Mardel Crandall
HMGH 201
(479) 575-5224

Human Development and Family Sciences
Expertise and instrumentation: Early childhood development and education, infant and toddler development.
Betsy Garrison
HOEC 118
(479) 575-4305

Human Development and Family Sciences Expertise and instrumentation; Family Resilience including Disasters and Health; and Transition to College

Rhonda K. Hammond
HOEC 118
(479) 575-4305

Human Nutrition and Hospitality Innovation
Expertise and instrumentation: Food and beverage, hospitality human resource management, hospitality purchasing.
Robert Harrington HOEC 176
(479) (575-4700
Human Nutrition and Hospitality Innovation:
Expertise and instrumentation. Food and beverage with expertise in wine pairing.
Jennifer Henk
HMGH 205
(479) 575-7538
Human Development and Family Sciences.
Early childhood development and education (birth to kindergarten). Environmental quality and professional development in ECE. parent-child interaction. Early intervention. Vulnerable populations.
Ja Young Hwang
HOEC 118
(479) 575-4305
Apparel Merchandising and Product Development
Expertise and instrumentation: Emerging technologies for functional design and product development, digital textile and apparel design, sustainable design.
Timothy Killian HOEC 212
(479) 575-7214
Human Development and Family Sciences
Expertise and Instrumentation Family care-giving to older persons, family diversity issues, adolescent risk-taking, and intergenerational transfers.
Cindy Moore HOEC 105
(479) 575-2409
Human Nutrition and Hospitality Innovation
Expertise and Instrumentation Nutrition education and counseling, clinical nutrition, survey design, development of nutrition materials and messages, health behavior, and health promotion.
Godwin-Charles Ogbeide HOEC 17B
(479) 575-2579
Human Nutrition and Hospitality Innovation
Expertise and instrumentation. Hotel operations, tourism and leadership development.

Allen Powell


(479) 575-4689


Human Nutrition and Hospitality Innovation:
Expertise and instrumentation: Food service management and catering.

Glenda Revelle
(479) 575-2192
Human Development and Family Sciences.
Cognitive, language and literacy development in young children. Children's learning with media and technology. Mobile technology, family communications and children's literacy learning design. Development of educational media for children and families. Intergenerational and collaborative learning in families.
Kathleen R. Smith HOEC 213
(479) 575-2577
Apparel Merchandising and Product Development
Expertise and instrumentation. Curriculum development, fashion merchandising and retail store design.
C. Leigh Southward HOEC 229
(479) 575-4311

Apparel Merchandising and Product Development:
Expertise and instrumentation. Social-psychological concepts of wearing apparel, fashion merchandising.

Kelly Way

HOEC 215
(479) 575-4985
Human Nutrition and Hospitality Innovation
Expertise and Instrumentation Travel and tourism, restaurant management, food and beverage, hospitality curriculum design and instruction.
Jacquelyn Wiersma
HOEC 209
(479) 575-4688
Human Development and Family Sciences.
Alcohol use in adolescent and young adult romantic relationships. Substance use. Intimate partner violence. Selection and socialization.
A. Rick Bennett
PTSC 217
(479) 575-2598
Department head
Crop diseases
Expertise and Instrumentation: Fungal physiology, mycology, biological control of weeds and plant fungal interactions.

Burt Bluhm


206 Rosen Alternative Pest Control
(479) 575-2677


Molecular plant pathology
Expertise and Instrumentation: Fungal diseases of crop species, plant-fungal interactions, molecular genetics, functional genomics, metabolomics, mycology

James Correll 217 Plant Sciences Building
(479) 575-2710
Vegetable crops and rice diseases
Expertise and Instrumentation: Biology, genetics and molecular biology of fungal pathogens
Travis Faske

2001 Hwy 70 East
Lonoke, AR 72086
(501) 676-3124


Expertise: Field Crop Diseases. Biology, epidemiology, host resistance, and management of plant-parasitic nematodes and fungal diseases.

Terry Kirkpatrick Southwest Research and Extension Center
362 Hwy 174 North
Hope, AR 71801
(870) 777-9702
Expertise and instrumentation: Nematode population dynamics and ecology, nematode extraction and identification, field plot research
Kenneth Korth Rosen Alternative Pest Control Center
(479) 575-5191
Plant biotechnology
Expertise and Instrumentation: Molecular plant-insect interactions, pathogen and insect resistance pathways, cellular control of enzymes involved in isoprenoid metabolism

Eugene Milus

217 Plant Sciences Building
(479) 575-2676
Wheat and turfgrass diseases
Expertise and Instrumentation: Biology, epidemiology, disease resistance, disease management
Robert Robbins Cralley/Warren Research Laboratory
(479) 575-2555
Plant nematodes
Expertise and Instrumentation: Identification, morphology and distribution of plant parasitic nematodes
Craig Rothrock 217 Plant Sciences Building
(479) 575-6687
Soilborne plant diseases
Expertise and Instrumentation: Ecology and control of soilborne pathogens of cotton, rice and soybeans
John Rupe 217 Plant Sciences Building
(479) 575-2778
Soybean diseases
Expertise and Instrumentation: Epidemiology and control of plant diseases, ecology of soybean pathogens
Ronald J. Sayler Rosen Alternative Pest ControlCenter
(479) 575-8442
Functional genomic analysis of terpene synthesis in rice and Medicago for improving pest resistance
Expertise and Instrumentation: Molecular biology and biotechnology
J. Ples Spradley Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service
P. O. Box 391
Little Rock, AR 72203
(501) 671-2234
Pesticide Assessment Program
Expertise and Instrumentation: Specialist, statewide Pesticide Applicators Training Program.
Terry N. Spurlock

Southeast Research and Extension Center
P.O. Box 3508
Monticello, AR 71656-3508

Expertise: Spatial analysis, distributions and spatial relationships of pathogen populations, precision management and chemical control of crop diseases.

David TeBeest 217 Plant Science Building
(479) 575-2678
Molecular ecology and epidemiology of plant diseases, mycoherbicides
Expertise and Instrumentation: Biology, genetics, epidemiology of fungal pathogens of rice, sorghum and corn, mycoherbicides, fungal cell isolation and culture, lineage characterizations, host resistance responses

Ioannis Tzanetakis


213 Plant Sciences Building


Expertise and Instrumentation: Characterization and epidemiology of new viruses. Reverse genetics of soybean.


Yeshi Wamishe


Rice Research and Extension Center
Stuttgart, Ark.
(870) 659-6864


Rice Diseases. Biology of fungal and bacterial diseases, disease resistance genetics, disease epidemiology and management.

Nicholas Anthony Poultry Science O-407
(479) 575-4833
Poultry breeding and genetics
Expertise and instrumentation: Patterns of growth in relation to carcass composition and reproductive performance in poultry. Use of total body electrical conductivity as a non-invasive means of measuring carcass composition in poultry.
Scharidi Barber 501-671-2189
Extension Poultry Specialist
Expertise and instrumentation: Major responsibilities are with the Arkansas Youth Poultry Program.
Walter Bottje Poultry Science O-405
(479) 575-2575
Expertise and instrumentation: Conducts research on mitochondrial function in health and disease of poultry with particular emphasis on antioxidants and oxidative stress. Bottje is also the Director of the Center of Excellence for Poultry Science.
R. Keith Bramwell Poultry Science O-207
(479) 841-6498
Extension/Breeder Hatchery
Expertise and instrumentation: Conducts research to determine the causes of the declining fertility and hatchability and increasing embryonic mortality due to increasing age in breeders. This information is intended to help maximize the life of flock reproductive characteristics in commercial flocks.
H. David Chapman Poultry Science O-311
(479) 575-4870
Expertise and instrumentation: Control and prevention of coccidiosis in poultry.
F. Dustan Clark Poultry Science O-205
(479) 575-4375
Extension Poultry Veterinarian
Expertise and instrumentation: Bacterial and viral diseases of poultry with major emphasis on diseases, diagnostics and pathology.
Craig Coon Poultry Science O-211
(479) 575-4134
Poultry Nutrition
Expertise and instrumentation: Nutrient utilization, environmental interactions with nutrition, feedstuff evaluation and amino acid metabolism in poultry.
Dan Donoghue Poultry Science O-408
(479) 575-2913
Physiology and Food Safety
Expertise and instrumentation: Predictive pharmacokinetic models of antibiotic and pesticide transfer in poultry.
Sami Dridi
Poultry Science O-406
(479) 575-2583

Avian endocrinology and molecular genetics
Peripheral and central molecular mechanisms involved in the regulation of energy homeostasis and fat metabolism in avian species for the improvement of growth efficiency.

Gisela Erf Poultry Science O-410
(479) 575-8664
Expertise and instrumentation: Avian immunology with emphasis on cell-mediated immunity, autoimmunity, tumor regression and immunology of the skin.
Harold L. Goodwin Poultry Science O-208
(479) 575-3211
Agricultural Economist
Expertise and instrumentation: Economic and business issues related to the poultry industry, including international trade, food safety linkages and comparative analysis of the industry with other food and non-food industry segments.
Billy Hargis Poultry Science O-308
(479) 466-8678
Expertise and instrumentation: Poultry health and ante mortem food safety intervention, poultry immunology and endocrinology.
Michael Kidd
Poultry Science O-114
(479) 575-3699

Expertise and instrumentation: Research in the areas of broiler amino acid, mineral, and enzyme nutrition.

Byung-Whi Kong Poultry Science O-404
(479) 575-5494
Molecular virology
Expertise and Instrumentation: Conducts research on functional genomic analysis of host-virus interaction for avian infectious viruses.
Wayne Kuenzel Poultry Science O-403
(479) 575-6112
Physiology and Neurobiology
Expertise and instrumentation: Avian neuroendocrinology with emphasis on the neural regulation of early sexual maturation, food intake and hypothalamic function in poultry.
Young Min Kwon Poultry Science O-213
(479) 575-4935
Expertise and instrumentation: Conducts research on genetic/genomic analysis of foodborne bacterial pathogens important in poultry.
Yanbin Li Poultry Science O-411
(479) 575-2424
Food Safety and Food Processing
Expertise and instrumentation: Food processing and engineering, electrical pasteurization, chemical spraying and thermal process modeling for food safety and quality.
John Marcy Poultry Science O-203
(479) 575-2211
Extension Food Scientist
Expertise and instrumentation: Microbial improvement/safety in poultry products and processing, poultry processing, meat science.
Casey Owens-Hanning Poultry Science O-209
(479) 575-4281
Poultry Products
Expertise and instrumentation: Effect of preslaughter environmental conditions and processing techniques on muscle metabolism and meat quality of poultry.
Douglas Rhoads Science Engineering 524
(479) 575-3251

Poultry Genomics Expertise and instrumentation: DNA isolation, DNA library construction. SNP/genotype development. Molecular genetic analysis of production traits, with special emphasis on the male reproductive system.

Steven C. Ricke
Food Science N-215
(479) 575-4678

Salmonella enteritidis, a bacterium that causes more than half of the foodborne illness cases in the United States. Recently reported findings that led to dietary changes for laying hens to prevent Salmonella enteritidis infection during molting.

Michael Slavik Poultry Science O-310
(479) 575-4387
Expertise and instrumentation: Methods to detect food pathogens and methods to reduce or eliminate these pathogens.
Yvonne Vizzier Thaxton
Poultry Science O-202
(479) 575-3595

The goal of the Center for Food Animal Wellbeing: improvement of animal health, animal handling, food safety and productivity through the use of optimal welfare practices. Associated with the National Agricultural Law Center and the Departments of Poultry and Animal Sciences.

Susan Watkins Poultry Science O-206
(479) 575-7902
Extension Poultry Specialist
Expertise and instrumentation: Broiler management and turkey production.
Robert Wideman Poultry Science O-402
Expertise and instrumentation: Kidney function, cardiopulmonary function as related to the pulmonary hypertension syndrome in broilers, mechanisms responsible for regulating calcium and phosphorus metabolism in poultry.
Joshua Adams P.O. Box 3468
Monticello, AR 71656
(870) 460-1348

Forest tree improvement

David Carr

P.O. Box 3468
Monticello, AR 71656
(870) 460-1732

Expertise: Spatial Information Systems and Geospatial Learning

Robert L. Ficklin 203 Chamberlin Bldg.
P.O. Box 3468
Monticello, AR 71656
(870) 460-1692
Forest Soils
Expertise and Instrumentation: soil-plant interactions, rhizodeposition by woody species, management of soil carbon

Tom Jacobs


P.O. Box 3468
Monticello, AR 71656
(870) 460-1694 jacobst@uamont.edu


Land surveying


Robert Kissell

P.O. Box 3468
Monticello, AR 71656
(870) 460-1993 kissell@uamont.edu

Wildlife, GIS, remote sensing

Hal Liechty 128 Chamberlin Bldg.
P.O. Box 3468
Monticello, AR 71656
(870) 460-1452
Forest hydrology and ecology.

Sayeed Mehmood

P.O. Box 3468
Monticello, AR 71656
(870) 460-1894

Natural resource economics and policy.

Andrew Nelson
P.O. Box 3468
Monticello, AR 71656
(870) 460-1790

Expertise: Silviculture.

Doug Osborne

P.O. Box 3468
Monticello, AR 71656
(870) 460-1448


Expertise: Wildlife management and wildlife ecology.


Matthew Pelkki

P.O. Box 3468
Monticello, AR 71656
(870) 460-1949

Forest management and natural resource economics.

Philip Tappe 127 Chamberlin Bldg.
P.O. Box 3468
Monticello, AR 71656
(870) 460-1352
Wildlife Ecology and Management
Expertise and Instrumentation: Forest Habitat Utilization.
Don D. White 123 Chamberlin Bldg.
P.O. Box 3468
Monticello, AR 71656
(870) 460-1490
Wildlife Ecology and Management (Large Mammals).