Catalog of available publications from the
Arkansas Agricultural Experiment Station

Home Economics, Housing and Nutrition

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Bulletin Number, Title, Year Published

420 Chemical Composition of Arkansas-Grown American Grapes 1942

469 The Effects of Dehydration and Subsequent Storage on the Quality of Vitamin Content of Vegetables 1947

493 Nutritional Improvement of Cereal Grains with Small Amounts of Foods of High Protein Content 1950

544 Biology and Control of the Webbing Clothes Moth 1954

559 Factors Affecting the Preservation of Cured Pork 1955

574 Effects of Storage and Cooking on Carotene and Ascorbic Acid Content of Some Sweet Potatoes Grown in Northwest Arkansas 1956

616 Basic Design Measurements for Sitting 1959

625 Home Heating with Electricity in Arkansas 1960

698 Nutritional Improvement of Rice Diets and Effect of Rice on Nutritive Value of Other Foodstuffs 1965

716 Nutritive Value of Pond-Reared Fish and Chicken, and Their Value in Improving Cereal Diets 1966

736 Rural Housing Conditions in the Arkansas, Missouri and Oklahoma Ozarks 1968

790 Mobile Home Situation in Washington, County, Arkansas, 1972 1974

800 Attitudes toward Nursing Homes and Other Facilities for Meeting Health Care Needs after Retirement: Scott County and Fort Smith, Ark. 1975

826 Effects of Family Orientation on Personal Characteristics of College Freshman 1977

833 The Older Citizens in Three Arkansas Communities 1979

845 Barriers to Quality Housing in Twenty-five Low-Income Rural Communities in Arkansas 1980

854 Effects of Socioeconomic Level Integration in Headstart Child Development Centers on Involvement and Related Attitude and Personality Changes among Parents of Enrolled Children 1981

862 A Comparative Study of Unfinished and Durable Press Finished Single-Knit Fabrics 1981

867 Use of Food Coupons and Cash Refund Offers by Arkansas Households 1983

871 The Performance of Fusible Interfacings in Cotton Blouses 1984

892 Clothing Preferences of Arthritic Women in Northwest Arkansas 1986

965 A Demographic Approach to Race and Ethnicity in Metropolitan and Non-Metropolitan Regions of Arkansas, 1990 and 1999 2001

Report Series Number, Title, Year Published

116 Consumer Acceptance of Fresh Buffalo Fish 1963

292* Perceptions of Housing Alternatives 1985

Special Report Number, Title, Year Published

17 Storm-Resistant Construction Techniques for Residences 1969

55 Consumer's Guide to Mobile Home Selection 1977

64 Changing Concepts of Community in a Small Arkansas Town 1978

100 Earth-Sheltered Housing: The What and Why 1982

110 Child Development: Infancy, Toddlerhood, and the Preschool Years 1983

111 Seventy-eight Teacher-Made Projects 1983

112 Activities that Work with Young Children 1983

184 Housing Quality in Arkansas: County Profiles by Census Tracts 1997

Southern Cooperative Series Bulletin Number, Title, Year Published

7 Family Food Consumption in Three Types of Farming Areas of the South: I. An Analysis of 1947 Food Data 1950

106 Performance of Sheets Made from Low and High Elongation of Cottons 1965

357 Effects of Functional Textile Finishes on Comfortand Protection of Consumers 1991

366 Affordable Housing in the Rural South: Methodological Issues 1991

371 Affordable Housing in the Rural South: A Causal Model of Barriers and Incentives 1992

379 Textile Fiber Systems for Performance, Protection and Comfort 1994