Catalog of available publications from the
Arkansas Agricultural Experiment Station

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Bulletin Number, Title, Year Published

484 Oak Sites in the Arkansas Ozarks 1948

551 Converting Low-Grade Hardwood Stands to Conifers in the Arkansas Ozarks 1955

759 The Fall Webworm, Hyphantria cunea (Drury) 1970

850 Insects Associated with Pine Seed Production in Arkansas 1981

872 Four Decades of Selection Management on the Crossett Farm Forestry Forties 1984

874 Tables for Estimating Growth and Yield of Uneven-Aged Stands of Loblolly-Shortleaf Pine on Average Sites in the West Gulf Area 1984

887 Effects of Forest Characteristics on Wild Turkey Habitat Use in the Ouachita Mountains 1986

897 Insect Defoliators of Young Sycamore Plantations 1986

898 Growing Virginia Pine for Christmas Trees in Southern Arkansas 1987

902 Preplant and Postplant Treatments for Newly Planted Pine 1987

908 The Arkansas Forest Products Industry 1988

911 Herbicides for Releasing Pine Seedlings in the Arkansas Ozarks 1988

926 An Analysis of Arkansas' Wildfire Record by County, 1983­p;1988 1990

927 A Developmental Analysis of the Lower Mississippi DeltaTimber Resources 1991

951 An Assessment of the Forest Products Industry in the Ozark Region of Arkansas and Missouri 1996

Report Series Number, Title, Year Published

286 Changes in Wood Properties of Upland Oaks Invaded by Hypoxylon atropunctatum 1984

298 Impact of Beavers in the Arkansas Ozarks 1987

306 Product Yield and Recovery of an Arkansas Hardwood Sawmill 1988

322 Development of a Loblolly Pine Plantation Thinned to Different Density Levels in Southern Arkansas 1992

Special Report Number, Title, Year Published

23 1975 Forestry Study Day, Southwest Branch Experiment Station 1975

30 An Identification of the Prime Forest Lands of Arkansas 1976

73 A Review of the Southern Pine Forest-Range Ecosystem 1979

133 Arkansas' Fourth Forest: Alternatives for the Future 1989

175 Arkansas Forestry: Maintaining the Momentum of Excellence 1996

Arkansas Forest Resources Center Series

001 Who is in Charge of the World's Forests? Forest Industry's Role in Maintaining a Sustainable Society 1998

002 Forestry and the Future: Some Druthers and Challenges 2000

003 Good Forestry at a Glance: A Guide for Managing Even-Aged Loblolly Pine Stands 2000

004 Wildlife in Managed Forests: Observations and Future Directions 200

005 Forest Science for Better Land Management: Improving the Process of Research and Outreach by Land-Grant College Faculty 2003