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Arkansas Agricultural Experiment Station

Agricultural Engineering

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Bulletin Number, Title, Year Published
578 Irrigation of Sweet Potatoes, Snap Beans and Cucumbers in Arkansas 1956

625 Home Heating with Electricity in Arkansas 1960

647 Evapotranspiration Rates of Cotton in Eastern Arkansas as Affected by Soil Moisture, Fertilizer, and Soil Type 1961

660 Mechanical Feeding of Ground Feed to Dairy Cattle 1962

661 Cost of Owning and Operating Miscellaneous Farm Machinery in Eastern Arkansas 1962

671 Aerial Application of Granular Fertilizer and Rice and Lespedeza Seed 1963

687 Conditioning and Storing Grain Sorghum for Seed 1964

691 Land Grading and Leveling Programs for Digital Computers 1964

730 Performance of Airplane Sprayers for Insecticide Applications 1968

757 Effect of Non-Uniform Row Grades on Yields of Irrigated Field Crops 1970

810 Artificial Recharge in the Grand Prairie, Arkansas 1976

857 Performance of an Evapotranspiration System in On-site Wastewater Disposal 1982

870 Pressurized Distribution for On-Site Domestic Wastewater Renovation Systems 1984

880 Plugging Characteristics of Drip-Irrigation Emitters Using Backwash from a Water-Treatment Plant 1985

Report Series Number, Title, Year Published

27 Chemical Defoliation of Cotton 1951

37 Kilowatt-Hour Requirements of Selected Farm Equipment 1953

42 Changes in Water Levels in Deposits of Quaternary Age in Eastern Arkansas from 1938 to 1953 1954

62 Sprinkler Irrigation in Eastern Arkansas; Need for Irrigation, Costs in 1955 1956

98 Gravity Irrigation on Cotton and Soybeans in Central Arkansas: An Economic Evaluation 1961

179 Subsurface Irrigation Research in Arkansas 1969

256 Water Management for Sustaining the Composting Process in Windows of Cotton Gin Trash 1980

257 Design of Systems for Pressure Distribution of Septic Tank Effluent in Sloping Filter Fields 1981

260 Poultry Carcass Decomposition in Heated Septic Tanks: Efficiency of Solids Removal and Energy Requirements 1981

270 A Bench-Scale System for Laboratory Studies of Composting Agricultural Waste 1982

271 Automatic Dosing Siphons for Loading Septic Tank Filter Fields 1982

272 Investigation of Heated Septic Tanks for Dead Poultry Disposal 1982

273 Computer Design and Simulation of Systems for Pressurized Distribution of Septic Tank Effluent in Sloping Filter Fields 1982

275 A Method of Measuring the Rate at which Heat is Generated by Aerobic Composting of Wastes 1982

277 Electronic Sensing of Soil Organic Matter 1982

285 Assessment of Potential Irrigation Needs in the Bayou Meto Watershed 1984

289 Monitoring of the University of Arkansas Radioactive-Waste Disposal Site 1984

Special Report Number, Title, Year Published

13 Row Drainage Observations in the Delta 1964

15 Minimum Requirements for Field Drains in Row Crops in the Delta 1967

17 Storm-Resistant Construction Techniques for Residences 1969

61 Arkansas State Water Plan: Water and Related Land Resources; Appendix "B" ­p; Existing and Projected Water Use in Arkansas; Supplement "1" ­p; Projected Water Requirements and Surface Water Availability 1978

74 The Effect of Selected Electric Power Interruptions on Rice Irrigation: A Computer Simulation 1979

89 Methane Production from Agricultural Wastes 1980

114 The Effects of Climatic Factors and Still Design on Solar Earth-Water Distillation for Saturated Sand 1984