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Arkansas Agricultural Experiment Station



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Bulletin Number, Title, Year Published

857 Performance of an Evapotranspiration System in On-Site Wastewater Disposal 1982

870 Pressurized Distribution for On-Site Domestic Wastewater-Rennovation Systems 1984

880 Plugging Characteristics of Drip-Irrigation Emitters Using Backwash from a Water-Treatment Plant 1985

933 Geographical and Statistical Relationships between Landscape Parameters and Water Quality Indices in the Muddy Fork Watershed 1992

959 Agricultural Water Management in the Mississippi Delta Region of Arkansas 1998

Report Series Number, Title, Year Published

42 Changes in Water Levels in Deposits of Quaternary Age in Eastern Arkansas from 1938 to 1953 1954

256 Water Management for Sustaining the Composting Process in Windrows of Cotton Gin Trash 1980

285 Assessment of Potential Irrigation Needs in Bayou Meto Watershed 1984

Southern Cooperative Series Number, Title, Year Published

395 Water and Chemical Transport in Soils of the Southeastern USA 2000 (HTML only)

Special Report Number, Title, Year Published

61 Arkansas State Water Plan, Appendix "B" 1978

114 The Effects of Climatic Factors and Still Design on Solar Earth-Water Distillation for Saturated Sand 1984

154 Arkansas and the Natural Environment: Water, Waste and War 1992

157 Proceedings of the Arkansas Water Resources Research Center Research Conference, 1992 1992

197 Water and Chemical Transport in Soils of the Southeastern USA 2000 (HTML only)