Research Series 515

 Wayne E. Sabbe Arkansas Soil Fertility Stuides 2003
Nathan A. Slaton, editor

Cover and front matter

Soil Test and Fertilizer Sales Data: Summary for the 2003 Growing Season
R.E. DeLong, S.D. Carroll, N.A. Slaton, and M. Mozaffari
Pages 7-17

Influence of Nitrogen Fertilization on Wheat Production in Two Soils at Different Levels of Fertility
M.L. Cordell, K.R. Brye, D.E. Longer, E.E. Gbur, and A.L. Pirani
Pages 18-20

Fertilizer Recommendations for the Most Popular Crop Rotations in Arkansas Under Conventional and Reduced Tillage Systems
L. Espinoza, W. Robertson, C. Kennedy, and P. Ballantyne
Pages 21-23

Effects of Conservation Tillage on Runoff-Water Quality in the Arkansas Delta
T.W. Harper, T.C. Daniel, M.M. Anders, and N.A. Slaton
Pages 24-27

Comparisons of Foliar Nitrogen Fertilization Strategies and Methods for Cotton
J.S. McConnell, B.A. Meyers, and M. Mozaffari
Pages 28-31

Varietal Responses of Cotton to Nitrogen Fertilization
J.S. McConnell, B. A. Meyers, and M. Mozaffari
Pages 32-33

Long-term Irrigation Methods and Nitrogen Fertilization Rates in Cotton Production: The Last Three Years of the McConnell - Mitchell Plots
J.S. McConnell, B.A. Meyers, and M. Mozaffari
Pages 34-38

Effect of Nitrogen Fertilization on Cotton Yield and Petiole Nitrogen Concentration and Soil Properties at Two Sites
M. Mozaffari, J.S. McConnell, N.A. Slaton, W.N. Miley, E. Evans, F.M. Bourland, and C. Kennedy
Pages 39-43

Effect of Potassium Fertilization on Yield and Petiole Potassium Levels of Two Modern Cultivars
M. Mozaffari, J.S. McConnell, N.A. Slaton, E. Evans, F.M. Bourland, and C. Kennedy
Pages 44-49

Nitrogen Fertilizer Management for Corn
J.H. Muir and J.A. Hedge
Pages 50-52

Plant Growth, Potassium Partitioning, and Physiological Response of Growth Chamber-Grown Cotton to K Deficiency: Implications for Developing Critical K Levels for Cotton Production in Arkansas
D.M. Oosterhuis, D.L. Coker, and M. Mozaffari
Pages 53-57

Effects of Poultry Litter Ash and Raw Litter on Rice in an Eastern Arkansas Rice, Wheat, and Soybean Rotation
M.S. Reiter, T.C. Daniel, N.A. Slaton, C. Wilson, Jr., C. Tingle, and B. Bock
Pages 58-60

Soybean Grain Yield Response to Foliar Boron Application Rate and Time
J.R. Ross, N.A. Slaton, R.E. Delong, K.R. Brye, B.R. Golden, R. Thompson, R. Wimberly, R. Klerk, M. Hamilton, M. Mozaffari, and L. Espinoza
Pages 61-65

Evaluation of Several Soybean Cultivars for Differences in Trifoliate-Leaf Boron Concentration
N.A. Slaton, R.E. Delong, D. Dombek, and D. Ahrent
Pages 66-69

Adaptation of Soybean Cultivars to Restrictive Soil Environments
J.D. Widick and J.M. Dunn
Pages 70-72