Research Series 502

 Wayne E. Sabbe Arkansas Soil Fertility Studies 2002
Nathan A. Slaton, editor

Cover and front matter

Soil Test and Fertilizer Sales Data: Summary for the Growing Season – 2002
R.E. DeLong, S.D. Carroll, N.A. Slaton, and M. Mozaffari
Pages 9-19

The Influence of Nitrogen Fertilizer and Wheat-Straw Management on Double-Cropped Soybean Germination and Development
K.R. Brye, D.E. Longer, and M.L. Cordell
Pages 20-24

A Four-Year Study of Cotton Yield Response to Potassium Nutrition With or Without Irrigation
D. L. Coker and D. M. Oosterhuis
Pages 25-27

Phosphorus Fertilization and Previous Crop Effects on Nutrient Uptake and Grain Yield of Wheat
R.E. DeLong, N.A. Slaton, M.M. Anders, and W.F. Johnson, Jr.
Pages 28-31

Soybean Yield Response to Foliar- and Soil-applied Boron Rates
L. Espinoza, M. Mozaffari, N.A. Slaton, R. Wimberly, R. Thompson, and R. Klerk
Pages 32-35

Prescription-Based N Fertilization of Vine-Ripened Tomatoes
P.B. Francis, P.E. Cooper, and J.G. Trauger
Pages 36-39

Long-term Irrigation Methods and Nitrogen Fertilization Rates in Cotton Production: The Last Three Years of the Mcconnell - Mitchell Plots
J.S. McConnell, B.A. Meyers, and M. Mozaffari
Pages 40-43

Varietal Responses of Cotton to Nitrogen Fertilization
J.S. McConnell, B. A. Meyers, and M. Mozaffari
Pages 44-46

Nitrogen Fertilization of Ultra-narrow-row Cotton: Final Report
J.S. McConnell, M. Mozaffari, B.A. Meyers, R.E. Glover, and R. Benson
Pages 47-49

Cotton Response to Potassium and Phosphorus Fertilization in a Silt Loam
M. Mozaffari, M.A. Henslee, N.A. Slaton, E. Evans, J.S. McConnell, and C. Kennedy
Pages 50-53

Cotton Response to Nitrogen Fertilization in a Silt Loam
M. Mozaffari, M.A. Henslee, N.A. Slaton, J.S. McConnell, E. Evans, and C. Kennedy
Pages 54-56

Preliminary Evaluation of Boron Status of Soybean Fields in Arkansas
M. Mozaffari, N.A. Slaton, L. Espinoza, and R.E. DeLong
Pages 57-59

Corn Response to Phosphorus and Potassium Fertilization at Different Soil-Test Levels
J. H. Muir and J. A. Hedge
Pages 60-62

Nitrogen Fertilizer Management for Corn
J.H. Muir and J.A. Hedge
Pages 63-64

Effect of Soil- and Foliar-Applied Boron on the Yield of Cotton under Two Nitrogen Regimes
D.M. Oosterhuis and R.S. Brown
Pages 65-66

Seasonal Turfgrass Quality of Bermudagrass and Zoysiagrass, as Affected by Various Soluble and Slow- Release Nitrogen Sources
M. Richardson, J. Robbins, J. Boyd, and D. Karcher
Pages 67-69

Remote Sensing Technologies Used as Management Tools in Cotton Production
W. Robertson, C. Jayroe, W. Baker, D. Plunkett, and T. Kirkpatrick
Pages 70-74

Soybean Response to Soil and Foliar Boron Applications
J. R. Ross, N.A. Slaton, M. Mozaffari, and L. Espinoza
Pages 75-77

Soybean Response to Phosphorus Fertilization Following Rice in the Rotation
N.A. Slaton, R.E. DeLong, R.J. Norman, S.D. Clark, and D.L. Boothe
Pages 78-82

Adaptation of Soybean Cultivars to Restrictive Soil Environments
J.D. Widick and J.M. Dunn
Pages 83-84